Katsura tree Growing Advice

Taking the time to beautify your garden is worth it especially when you plant a Katsura tree. Having a Katsura tree in your garden will surely bring compliments your way. The majesticKatsura tree grows up to 20 feet and tends to spread as it grows providing dense foliage that can be effective as a shade. Based on the average Katsura tree growth rate, it usually grows 12 to 18 inches every year making it quite tall in just a few years.

The Katsura tree is a bit unusual in the sense that its root system is shallow. You may find that its roots can be seen on the surface of the soil instead of going deep into the earth.  The trunk often flares out from its base which causes the roots to appear on the surface which can be quite pleasing to the eye.

Picture of a Katsura tree

Katsura tree cannot be compared to other trees out there especially when it grows to towering heights while yielding some of the finest colors and blossoms there are. Instead of greenish hue, the Katsura tree is more on the reddish purple which definitely catches one’s attention. During the fall season, the leaves may appear to be yellowish. You may find your Katsura tree to have a lovely golden apricot color too. The spicy odor that is mild to your scent adds to this tree’s mystery which clearly reminds you of the sweetness of cotton candy. Aside from these things, once the Katsura tree manages to lose all of its leaves what you will have is a tree where its bark acquires slight exfoliation but in a beautiful pattern that still contributes to its overall appeal.

Katsura tree for sale is easy to locate these days thanks to the help of the Internet technology where everything can be found with just few strokes of the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse. You can find gardeners that have these trees for sale at prices that are easy on your pocket but for you to get your hands on Katsura tree easily, then place your order for one online where it can be delivered to your home in just a few days.

Picture of a katsura tree in autumn


If you want to make the most out of your garden combining a Katsura tree with Sourwood tree may give you the foliage you need that will charm even your neighbors. Easy to maintain and lovely to behold, these trees are definitely worth having on your backyard these days.

Who said that your garden should only hold bushes and small plants when you can have a Katsura tree planted there as well? You can actually make this tree the highlight in your garden and with its beautiful colors, no one will question its legitimacy as one of the most beautiful landscape tree ever to be found.

So why wait? When it comes to adding value to your backyard, getting a Katsura tree is definitely the best choice to make. With its profusion of colors that last throughout the year, you will be treated to a fine display of colors for all seasons that will leave you wanting more.